Ananda Center at Laurelwood

Ananda LaurelwoodAnanda Center at Laurelwood is a brand new creation. The world is in a time of great transition. New understanding about every aspect of life, beginning with the essential questions of value and fulfilment, is being demanded of us through the disintegration of conventional daily life patterns. Economics are troubled, the natural world is stressed beyond tolerance, education neither prepares us for the work place nor for life, foods lack the ability to nourish us, societies are destructive and violent, and individuals everywhere are seeking new ways of living that solve for these disharmonies.

Ananda exists in response to that need. Born from the timeless teachings of yoga and meditation, Ananda Center at  Laurelwood provides an ideal environment for exploring new approaches to every aspect of life, from our relationship to the natural world to the inner world, from engineering and physics, architecture and sustainable building to society and international harmony to personal fulfillment.

At once a campus; a place of exploration, growth and sharing; an educational system being used, developed and shared around the world; a retreat and conference center; above all Ananda Center at Laurelwood is a place where divine joy, friendship, respect and growth thrive.

Ananda Laurelwood is an educational non-profit. Your participation in programs, in donations, service and good-will are central to the development and well-being of Ananda Laurelwood.

Ananda Laurelwood is founded in the teachings of Sanaatan Dharma (loosely translated, ‘that which is eternally true’). Central to all religions, yet owned by none, Sanaatan Dharma is the deep, profound and subtle understanding of how creation is made, how we fit into it, and how to cooperate so that the central goals of life are fulfilled.

While Ananda Laurelwood comes into being as a direct result of the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda, those teachings show how to draw the truth at the center of all pathways, religions and human endeavors. Thus, while spiritual in nature, Ananda Laurelwood is not religious in any sectarian way.  – Daiva Glazzard

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Ananda Laurelwood celebrated its second anniversary on May 5, 2013. On that same date another Ananda was born – over 150 acres of farm, forest and wild lands adjacent to the Laurelwood campus that has been named Ananda in the Valley.  Find out more and learn how you can participate