Nayaswami Surendra, Ananda Portland Temple and Teaching Center
Spiritual Teachings

Hey, Just Get Over It!

Pain must come In sudden and chronic experience, in large and small doses, pain is bound to come. Ours is the pain planet. We were born here to feel and deal with pain’s discomfort, to endure its seemingly infinite permutations, to confront its huge force. Until we attain liberation, each turn of the karmic wheel can be counted on to … Read More

Humility of Rain Francis the patron saint of Paramhansa Yogananda
Spiritual Teachings

Learning to Forget

There’s a funny one-liner that bemoans the effects of aging: “Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.” Thank goodness for humor. It softens the blow. Uhh. . . Let’s see now. . . Where was I going with that? . . . Oh, yes. . . As some of us know already, seniors are forced … Read More


Food for Thought

In the summer of 1990, during the annual Mozart Festival in Salzburg, Austria, my wife and I were staying with a new friend in his apartment. Richard had lived in Salzburg for many years, retired from his long-time career as the personal secretary to Herbert von Karajan, the famous Berlin Philharmonic conductor. Aristocratic society had been his world, but now … Read More

Nayaswami Surendra, devotee of Yogananda

Willingness and Faith

Nature is a fountain of boundless inspiration. Every plant, every creature, offers a message that speaks to us directly. As we tune into its wonders, we understand more of ourselves. Consider the lowly caterpillar as it transforms into a butterfly. Is there a more miraculous image of relevance to our own lives? The caterpillar goes within, secluded in its cocoon … Read More

Living Wisdom School of Beaverton uses the Education for Life principles of education

Education for Life: Look for the Light

A Simple Concept Essential to the spiritual path and a part of our beginning meditation instruction, we learn to relax and focus on the light. It’s amazing how trained our minds are to look for problems and how our culture, especially educational culture, often supports this focus. Something about that has never felt quite right. I never felt like I … Read More