Temple and Boutique Hours

Contact us if you need more information

  • Sunday   9am–12pm (Sunday services are 9am and 10am)
  • Monday   6–7:30pm
  • Tuesday   4:30–7:30pm
  • Wednesday  Closed (unless special event happening)
  • Thursday   Closed
  • Friday   See Full Monthly Calendar
    1st: 7–8:30pm
    2nd & 3rd: Closed (unless there is a meditation or event scheduled)
    4th: 6–9pm main temple (Boutique is closed)
  • Saturday   See Full Monthly Calendar
    2nd: (Kriya Meditation from 8–11am Kriyabans only with side door access)

Come by for shopping, meditation, or just to dip into the sacred vibrations.

Physical Address

4855 SW Watson Avenue
Beaverton, Oregon 97005

We are just two blocks west of the Beaverton City Library.

We have on-street parking available and a parking lot on the south side of the Center. Our facility is handicap accessible.

If you would like to talk to a staff person or need more information, please contact us.
503-626-3403 or email us.