Meditation Classes

Learn How to Meditate

We can teach you the basic tools for an effective meditation in our classes for beginners and experts. Whether you are new to meditation or wanting to inspire your current practice.

We have two different class options

Learn How to Meditate   4-class series

  • You are new to meditation or would like to re-energize your practice
  • You are interested in meditation and like a class series format
  • You have read about meditation and maybe tried a bit, but feel ready for more

This course is given on the first 4 Wednesdays monthly.

Learn How to Meditate   3-hour Immersion Workshop

  • You have read about meditation and maybe tried a bit, but feel ready for more
  • You want some more support as you establish a personal practice
  • You would like to learn the basic techniques in one 3-hour session

This immersion workshop is offered monthly, every third Saturday.

The class fees for both the series and workshop include the meditation reference Lessons in Meditation, a step-by step guide to Ananda meditation practices.

Drop-In Meditations Weekly

Every Wednesday evening from 7–8pm drop-in after work for a group meditation. Make it a part of your weekly schedule, take some time to reset your internal guide. Group meditation is a very powerful action.

Even a little practice of this inward religion will free one from dire fears and colossal sufferings.
—Bhagavad Gita

Ready to Go Deeper in Your Practice

The Art & Science of Raja Yoga
This in-depth study of yoga philosophy and practices spans 14 classes and includes instruction in meditation as well as techniques of life-force control, yoga postures, the history and paths of yoga, energy, magnetism and much more.

We offer two different options for the Art & Science of Raja Yoga: a 14-class series meeting once a week and a week-long intensive.