Experience Group Meditation

For Beginning and Advanced Meditators Alike

Group MeditationsRegular group meditation is found to be highly beneficial. Ananda Portland offers many opportunities weekly for you to draw from the dynamic energy of group meditation.

Ananda meditations begin with a prayer and often an inspirational reading, followed by devotional chanting. A period of silent meditation is ended with healing prayers for others.

We understand that people cannot always attend an entire meditation. Ask ask that you please enter and leave quietly. Because the energy of the group is affected by the consciousness of each individual present, your devotion and focused concentration can uplift everyone even as the group can deepen your experience.

All these meditations are open to the public. Donations are appreciated.

At the Temple & Teaching Center (Beaverton)

Kriya Meditations  8–11am   monthly (usually second Saturday) calendar
Those who have been initiated into Kriya Yoga are invited to meditate with other kriyabans once a month. If you have questions, please contact us.

3-Hour Meditation   6–9pm   monthly (4th Friday)   calendar
This is a long meditation held in the Temple. We will start at 6pm with a meditation lead by one of the dynamic members of Ananda Sangha.

Women’s Meditation & Satsang 6:30–8:30pm quarterly   calendar
We are welcoming women to this quarterly meditation, held in the Temple. We will start at 6:30pm with a meditation lead by one of the dynamic women of Ananda Sangha. The Satsang will follow at a local (within one block) community cafe.

Ananda Kirtans 7–8:30 pm    on 2nd & 4th Friday every month  calendar
Kirtans involve group chanting and brief periods of meditation. Usually there is 20–30 minutes of silent meditation at the end of the kirtan. Please check the calendar event listing or call for information.

Sunday Mornings 9–9:45am    calendar
There is about 15 minutes of meditation with the Purification Service. There is also a short period of meditation during the Festival of Light Sunday Service.

Meditating in sacred space has benefits that may not seem immediately obvious,
but the blessings can be very sweet. 

 At the Ananda Community

Monday through Friday mornings 6–7am in the Living Joy Center Chapel.  Other opportunities are available but not regularly scheduled. For a current list of group meditation, yoga and energization opportunities, please call  503-888-1551 or contact us.