Welcome to Ananda. 

Finding happiness has been the quest of people from every race and nation, in every age. And it is the greatest need today. For, in finding happiness, we find a natural connection with all of life.

True happiness is more than a transient emotional experience, it is the deepest expression of our own being – the joy we feel when we are awakened to and aware of our connection with life, with each other, with God. “Ananda” is an ancient word for that joy.

Everything we do at Ananda is based on awakening that joy. Whether in the peace of meditation, the adventure of new discovery and learning, or the satisfaction of friendship and shared service to others, Ananda helps bring an increasing sense of wholeness and wellbeing.

We look forward to sharing that joy, wholeness and wellbeing with you.

Ananda is more than a set of principles, ideas, philosophies and theories. We apply our understanding in every aspect of life. We invite you to join us in the grand adventure of finding happiness and sharing it with each other and the world.

Some of Ananda’s activities in the Portland area include:

  • Ananda Temple and Teaching Center: Hosting classes in yoga and meditation, philosophy and practical life skills for accessing that inner joy, plus opportunities to come together in friendship and worship
  • Education for Life: A new understanding in childhood education
  • Living Wisdom School: Pre-K through grade 7 school based in Education for Life
  • Ananda Community of Portland: Uplifting residential living in the midst of the city
  • Ananda House at Laurelwood: Progressive Senior Care, based in spiritual values and experience
  • Ananda Center at Laurelwood: A 220-acre rural campus and community with integrated living, and a retreat that offers courses, programs, retreats and conferences that uplift, educate and inspire
Daiva and Gangamata Glazzard

In divine friendship,

Nayaswamis Daiva and Gangamata Glazzard, Spiritual Directors of Ananda Portland

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