Our 3900 square foot home is on .8 acre of land in the rolling hills of Laurelwood. It has a total of 6 bedrooms, and the capability to house five residents and three staff. It is a beautiful home with brightly lit and cozy common rooms, surrounded by lovely gardens, with expansive views of the surrounding area.

We call it Ananda House at Laurelwood. This is a new definition of ‘Progressive Assisted Living.’ We focus on the nurturing feeling of living as a family, along with spiritual support, using Swami Kriyananda’s precepts.

Our hope is that Ananda House at Laurelwood will be the prototype for many more Ananda Houses. Places of high thinking and simple living. Places where spiritually minded people who need more assistance than they can find living alone, can live in harmony with one another. Places where each person’s spiritual practices will be supported, to the highest degree possible, for each individual.

Visit the Ananda House website for more information, or come to Ananda House for a visit.