Dear friends,

In Autobiography of a Yogi it is said, “God is simple, everything else is complex.” The complexities of these times are certainly challenging! The reality of  COVID-19 is affecting every part of our lives and we must deal with it while also clinging to the deeper reality of God’s eternal presence.

It is our hope that we can slow the progress of this virus by following the guidelines being put forth by experts and limiting social contact and supporting efforts to keep everyone as safe as possible. Dr Peter Van Houten, along with the leadership team of Ananda Village and the leaders of all the Ananda colonies worldwide are taking steps to minimize interaction and continue serving their sanghas by utilizing online venues. Ananda Portland will do the same.

Ananda Portland Temple is closed to group events until it is clear that it is appropriate to resume a normal schedule.

All yoga classes, meditation classes, drop-in meditations and events are cancelled for the near future.

9 am Fire Ceremony and Purification will not be done until further notice.

10 am Sunday Services will be offered in abbreviated form via recording or live stream with no live audience in the temple.

Sunday, March 15 – service will be recorded and posted on our website and YouTube the Monday after as usual.
Sunday, March 22 and beyond – we hope to offer a live stream of service at 10 am so you can enjoy the inspiration from home.

Surendra and Lorna will continue to be available to answer questions and to support our spiritual family here in Portland in any way we can. Please feel free to call us at 503-626-3403. Our ministry team will be working together on a daily basis to keep you informed and we will be in daily contact with Ananda Village and the leaders of Ananda around the world. 

We encourage you to keep in touch with Ananda as your source of inspiration. Use the tremendous online resources that are found on and all of the colony websites, as well as the Ananda apps that are available, Radio Ananda and the books and materials you have at home.

Two things we would like to share:

A Corona Virus Update #1 article by Peter Van Houten, M.D.

A  Corona Virus Update #2 article by Peter Van Houten, M.D.

In divine friendship and joy,
Surendra and Lorna for Ananda Portland

“I accept with calm impartiality whatever comes my way. Free in my heart, I am not conditioned by any outward circumstance.”