Mark Your Calendars

There are many special days, considered holidays, in Ananda Sangha Worldwide. For your convenience we have listed these annually held holidays with their corresponding dates. Included are some of the main National holidays as reference.

“TBA” literally means “To Be Announced,” it means these events are not fixed to a particular date on the calendar, e.g. Christmas is always on the 25th of December. There are no classes, series or trainings listed here.

We ask that you always check with our monthly calendar, and our weekly emails, to get the details of any celebration or event that is scheduled.
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1/1    New Year’s Day
1/5    Paramhansa Yogananda’s Birthday


2/14   St. Valentine’s Day
TBA   Inner Renewal Week at the Ananda Village/Expanding Light Retreat


3/7    Paramhansa Yogananda’s Mahasamadhi
3/9    Sri Yuteswar’s Mahasamadhi
3/12  Day Light Savings Time begins
3/12  Ananda’s Annual Appeal visit


Easter Season Schedule
4/1   Christ Lives, An Oratorio (full concert held at the Temple)
4/9   Palm Sunday service
4/14   Good Friday
4/15   Easter Retreat
4/16   Easter Sunday
4/21   Swami Kriyananda Moksha Celebration


5/5     Ananda Center at Laurelwood Anniversary
5/6     Rajarshi Janakanada Seva Day at the Ananda Portland Community
5/10   Swami Sri Yuktewar’s Birthday
5/13   Joyathon Event for the Living Wisdom School
5/14   Mother’s Day
5/19   Swami Kriyananda’s Birthday
5/29   Memorial Day


6/18   Father’s Day


7/4    Independence Day
7/25  Babaji Day


TBA   Family Camp Week at the Ananda Center in Laurelwood
TBA   Spiritual Renewal Week at the Ananda Village/Expanding Light Retreat
8/26   Guru Night Celebration at the Ananda Portland Community


9/1–4   Labor Day Weekend Celebrations
TBA     Ananda House Anniversary Celebration with Open House
9/12   Swami Kriyananda’s Discipleship Anniversary
9/26   Lahiri Mahasaya’s Mahasamadhi
9/30   Lahiri Mahasaya’s Birthday


TBA  Harvest Day Seva Day at the Ananda Portland Community
TBA  Halloween Ball at the Ananda House in Laurelwood
10/31  Halloween Kid’s Trick-or-treating at the Ananda Portland Community


11/5     Daylight Savings Time ends
11/10   Annual Silent Auction & Raffle by the Portland Living Wisdom School
TBA     World Brotherhood Day: The First Gift of the Season: event & dinner
11/23   Thanksgiving and Potluck at Ananda Center in Laurelwood

Special Christmas Holiday Season Listings


12/2     Christmas Brunch gathering at the Ananda Community
12/16   Holiday Concert with Ananda Choir of Portland
12/23   8-Hour Meditation
12/24   Mid-Night Festival of Light
12/25   Christmas Day Sunday Services
12/25   Christmas Day Potluck at the Temple held at Ananda Laurelwood
12/31   New Year’s Eve
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