“Let me travel the royal high road of realization which leads to Thee. If I am traveling on some bypath of religion, lead me onto the one common highway of realization which leads straight to Thee.”

—Paramhansa Yogananda, Whispers from Eternity, edited by Swami Kriyananda

What Spiritual Travel Can Do For You

Travel can be a major distraction, or it can be a welcome diversion, a refresher for the spirit, or an opportunity to embrace new understanding, broaden sympathies and let go of binding habits of mind.

Travel with Ananda Portland is designed to uplift the heart, expand the mind, awaken new inspiration and awareness of the presence of God. Whether it is spiritual vacation, retreat or pilgrimage to Holy sites, you will always have an Adventure in Spirit when you travel with us.

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Pilgrimage of the Heart 2018

Join Nayaswamis Gangamata and Daiva in a pilgrimage of divine love and joy. Assisi, Siena, LaVerna in Italy and Segovia and Avila in Spain, plus more…