Ananda at the United Nations

When something this amazing happens, we want to share the joy! Taken from a recent email.

Sharing the Light Throughout the World

As we were thinking of creating ways for Ananda to Be the Change, we came up with the idea to ask the United Nations to declare an International Day of Meditation.

The next day, a man named Shomik Chaudry, the leader of the Institute of International Social Development contacted us and asked if Ananda would apply to become a consultative NGO [non-governmental organization] to the UN.

[Chaundry] is a Babaji devotee, and wants to have Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings spread throughout the world via the UN. Of course, you know there is no legally registered organization that is Ananda’s worldwide work, but they told us to just describe what we do—and so we did. We submitted the application for Ananda to become a consultative NGO to the UN.

On July 20, Kyle MacDonald (Director, Ananda Rhode Island) will present the essence of Kriya Yoga to 700 people at the United Nations in New York City for the International Day of Yoga.

Jacqueline Debets
Director of Public Relations
Ananda Sangha Worldwide

Posted by Madhavi Eby

Madhavi Eby and her husband, David Eby, came west to Oregon in 1996 and feeling right at home, found and joined the Ananda Portland family. And have lived in Ananda Communities ever since. Moving to the Ananda Village (Nevada City, CA) in 2001, she joined the staff of Crystal Clarity Publishers working with others in helping to spread the message of this great work of Yogananda and Kriyananda. 2013 the Eby family moved back to Oregon and into the Ananda Portland Community, where she continues to spread her love of vibrant good health through food, humor and community. Madhavi has joined the management staff of the Temple and Teaching Center and also continues to practice her health coaching, love of cooking and chocolate.