Christmas trees

Christmas Crafting

I’ve always enjoyed crafts, especially during the Christmas season. Growing up, it was an annual tradition for me to stitch, fold, glue, macramé, paint or otherwise create various small items for decorating or giving as gifts. My mother’s 50-year collection of tree ornaments alone is a testament to the different phases of my crafting career. As an adult, however, different … Read More

Laughing bird

Get the Message?

We all know about the “still, small Voice” of God, the inner knowing that only comes when we are quiet enough to hear it. I’ve heard that still, small voice. I know how it feels to have it reveal itself.… but I confess that, most of the time, the poor Voice is drowned out by the hurly-burly inside my mind. … Read More


Thanks… for Everything

Dear friend, The other day a friend began sharing about her anxiety for an upcoming trip. As with so many folks this time of year, she was traveling to spend the holiday with members of her family, some of whom she had experienced challenging dynamics with since childhood. My friend has several medical degrees, practices meditation and Reiki healing, and … Read More

autumn fog

Going Inward, Living Outward

Several days this past week I’ve woken up to find our street enshrouded in dense fog. This is a common phenomenon around the region as the warmer weather gives way – slowly – to chillier temperatures. Fortunately for me, I rarely have to go anywhere while it’s still foggy out, and my “commute” to the Temple is less than a … Read More