I Used to Mentally Label Magnetism as “woo-woo”

Grounded, practical, real—these are words I would be inclined to use to describe myself and those spiritual teachings that I am attracted to. Magnetism, or some strange spiritual power of attraction, didn’t fit my down-to-earth mentality and therefore was condemned to the woo-woo category.

But luckily, my hasty judgements are often revoked and as I tried to live the practical teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, the truth about magnetism began to sink in.

What explained the circumstances, people, and opportunities that came to very particularly to me? The law of karma helped me to see how the whole system works in a harmonious and balanced way. But what was really going on when things happened in my life that didn’t happen to my neighbor, or my friends, or even those in my own family?

Why do some people obviously have more power and energy than others, and what was that amazing “something” that pulled me to want to spend time with Swami Kriyananda? He was loving and kind, of course, but that wasn’t enough to explain the powerful pull on my consciousness when I was near him.

Magnetism! It’s not magical or woo-woo, it’s actually a very scientific and grounded concept.

Science and yoga tell us that everything is energy and energy vibrates.

And, if everything in this physical reality is energy, and energy is always moving, something must happen when all that energy tries to move and go somewhere.

Where does it go and why does it go there? Some energy is attracted to me and my life—some energy never seems to show up in my life. So some kinds of energy are drawn to me and some kinds of energy are repulsed, or at least, not drawn to me.

Wow! Could I change my magnetism and could that change my life?

We are offering a 4-class series, to explore these truths about magnetism, and delve more deeply into these concepts. Our guide will be the new book from Crystal Clarity by Naidhruva Rush, Change Your Magnetism and Change Your Life.