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Keeping the tradition alive with Devotees around the world, we have an 8-hour meditation to inspire a deep sense of Christ-Consciousness to hold the light and open our hearts to the beauty and joy of this season.

For those unable to be with us for the traditional All-Day Christmas Meditation (on Dec. 22 this year), you are invited to join us on this alternate date.

Meditation Details

Times for the All-Day Meditation: 8am–4pm, come earlier for Yoga Postures
Location: Ananda Temple Sanctuary

General Schedule of the Day

7:30–8am      Energization Excercises (on your own) & settling in
8am                Opening Prayer, Reading, Chant, Meditation
9–11am          Chants & Reading, Meditation
11am–12pm   Chants & Reading, Meditation
12–1pm          Chants & Reading, Meditation
12:15–1pm      Meditation
1–1:15pm        Brief Break (1-1:15)
1:15–2:45pm  Chants & Reading, Meditation
2:45–3:50pm Chants, Reading, Music, Silence, Meditation
3:50–4pm      Healing Prayers and Closing

Things to Be Mindful of:
  • During Chanting people can come and go from the Sanctuary.
  • The Sanctuary Doors will be closed at meditation times.
  • If you need to leave the sanctuary at anytime, that’s fine, but you’ll need to wait until next break to re-enter.
  • If you come late, you can meditate in Clarity room until next break, then you can enter the Sanctuary.
  • Please don’t wear any clothing that makes noise.
  • Please feel free to use your own meditation gear. If you borrow from the Yoga/Clarity Room, please return it as you found it.
  • Please bring water in water bottles.