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Have you ever wondered just what this chanting thing is really all about, or what Yogananda might have been talking about when he said that chanting is half the battle?  

Have you wondered how to incorporate chanting into your sadhana, or if you could learn to play a harmonium?  Perhaps you want to improve how you play, hope to chant or play with others, or just want a little more chanting in your life? 

Well, then!  This four-part class series on all of the above, and more, is what you need.  Why and how we chant, Harmonium 101 and how to begin playing, how to play chants with others, how to improve your playing and chanting, and above all, the simple joy of opening the heart and singing to God!  We’ll have several harmoniums you’ll be able to play and get familiar with (though bring your own if you have one).  

Now IS the time!  

Whether you are completely new to chanting and/or harmonium and just want to explore a bit, or are already thinking about leading kirtans, this will be a great way to dip that toe in the (warm) water and get started.  All four classes only $25!  Please contact Michael at mfellows@frontier.com with questions or for more information.

Michael FellowsLed by Michael Fellows

Michael has been a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda for decades and hopes to chant his way to samadhi. His love for chanting and harmoniums as tools for transformation and expressing devotion is contagious. A gentle, kind and good humored teacher, Michael will lead you to new levels of joyful chanting before you can say “Door of my heart, open wide I  keep for Thee!” The goal is God!’