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Each year we take the time to honor and remember loved ones who have passed. This is a lovely event that interweaves an astral ascension ceremony with personal stories and a beautiful slideshow of the great souls who have blessed our lives and moved on.

The focus is on those who have passed during this last year, however, we will honor anyone you wish to remember.

This event will take place at the Temple – we have not determined if it will be live streamed.

Let us know you are coming by completing a ticket below.

Send photos to lorna@anandaportland.org

High resolution photos are best, but send whatever you have.
Please be sure to include your loved one’s full name.

From Ananda’s Funeral/Astral Ascension Ceremonies:

The White Rose symbolizes life in God and the purity of expression of the departed’s soul.

The Red Rose symbolizes the bouquet of the love and good will of all who are here.