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Advent means “coming”.  Advent is a tradition around the world as seekers eagerly await the coming of Christmas and the celebration of Christ’s birth. But what can we learn about preparing for Christ if we look through the eyes of a yogi?

At Ananda, the celebration of Christmas includes the recognition that all souls have the potential to awaken to the Universal Christ Consciousness within. Advent is an inspiring way to move closer to Christmas Day with awareness, but it is also contains within it, the story of the soul’s journey back to complete union with the Christ.

Using the teachings of Yogananda and some fun and inspiring observations of the players in the Christmas story, we will explore what we can learn from their example and open our hearts to the newborn babe who offered the path to soul freedom.

Week #1 / Nov 28 – Hope and the Three Wise Men
Week #2 / Dec 5 – Faith and Mary and Joseph
Week #3 / Dec 12 – Joy and the Shepherds
Week #4 / Dec 19 – Light and Peace with the Angels

Each class will include story telling, music, meditation, and the teachings of Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda.

Watch the class live on Ananda Portland Youtube, or watch the recorded class at a different time.

May the light of Christ be upon you this Advent season.