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Learn your strengths as a parent and your child’s place of joy through yoga and Education for Life principles.

Are you worried about “doing the right thing” as a parent or have concerns about upcoming developmental stages of preteen, teen, or beyond? 

In this class, we will explore new ways to be in relationship with our children and build family magnetism. 

This class is open to parents with children of all ages. Come with an open mind and heart, ready to access new perspectives and ways of knowing.

About Rose Neal: 

Rose became a disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda in 1995 while serving in the karma yoga program at The Expanding Light Retreat in Ananda Village. Since then, she has lived as a mom, nurse, Kriyaban, and meditation teacher, among other roles. In 2007, Rose and her family moved to Ananda Portland to serve as an administrator and teacher in the Living Wisdom School. Since the fall of 2020, she has been back in the role of a nurse and taking classes toward a Master’s degree in Holistic Health Studies. It is her joy to share experiences from the parenting journey with other families who want to learn more about applying spiritual principles to family life. 

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