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 What Are Meditation Clinics?

A Meditation Clinic is an opportunity for meditators to review and revitalize the techniques they have learned through Ananda in the past. Each Meditation Clinic will focus on one of the techniques brought by Paramhansa Yogananda, or an aspect of meditation that he emphasized. Two experienced teachers will facilitate each clinic, encouraging open discussion and sharing, as every meditator offers a unique perspective and experience.

These Meditation Clinics are for people who already have a practice using these focus techniques. We offer meditation classes for newcomers.

Deepen Your Meditation Practices

Did you know that the Energization Exercises were Paramhansa Yogananda’s unique gift to us? These are more than just movement exercises. They were formed to aid us in learning how to use and control our energy! Develop our willpower, and live with stronger intention.

What the Clinics Can Do for You

  • Review and refresh your understanding of the mechanics of the technique
  • Ask questions of experienced, long time meditators
  • Explore the challenges and rewards of meditation with other meditators
  • Find new resources and support for your practice
  • Experience a guided meditation focusing on one technique
  • Find new inspiration, perspective and understanding that will deepen your personal practice.