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Join us for this traditional Fire Ceremony to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new.

We repeat the Mahamritunjaya mantra 108 times, and offer seeds of rice into the fire, representing our past karma. With each toss of the rice, we can offer all of our past into the light of purification and open our hearts to whatever is to come.  The light of God is the reality that never changes, as the years go by.

The event will also include meditation, readings, and affirmation.

The Mahamritunjaya Mantra 


Triambakam yajamahe

sugandim pushti vardhanam

urvarukam eva bhandhan

mrityor mukshiya mamritat



We worship that One of divine vision

who nourishes all living beings.

May He free us from death

and grant us immortality.


The ceremony will take place in the chapel at the Ananda Community apartments.

Address: 7020 SW Vermont Court
Portland, Oregon 97223