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Ananda services are nonsectarian and open to all. We invite you to join us in celebrating and sharing the universal truths taught by Paramhansa Yogananda and expressed by his direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda.

Fire Ceremony

Fire has historically symbolized purification and transformation. All ceremonies are as meaningful and powerful as our faith and sincerity when we participate in them. In this ancient and revered vedic ceremony we light the fire and chant two sacred mantras together, each one repeated seven times.  more information


In this ceremony we offer ourselves to God and ask for help and guidance in areas of challenge.  Ask God to help change those traits and behaviors that are obstacles to spiritual growth. Deep, simple and heart opening, the Purification Ceremony can bring profound peace and lasting change to our troubled hearts and lives. A brief period of meditation follows.

The Festival of Light Service

Included in the Festival of Light service are many elements that uplift our consciousness and awaken our highest aspirations.

The Festival of Light is an allegorical story of the soul’s journey away from its home in God and back to union and complete freedom in spirit. At the end of the festival, you are invited to receive a blessing.

Sunday School is available for children ages 4–11 during this service. For parents with children younger than 4 we have a family playroom with audio and video feed of the service. Older children are invited to attend service with their parents.