It seems to me, that there are so many tasks, or small jobs, in our everyday lives. They are the chores (or what I call the “thankless jobs”).

Washing dishes, laundry, loading and unloading the dishwasher, vacuuming, straightening up the shoe area, menu planning, shopping, getting gas in the car, picking up the coat on the floor. Picking up the coat on the floor, again.

These are the tasks or small jobs (though sometimes monumental too, you know, dishes after spaghetti without a working dishwasher) that we do over and over again, in our houses or apartments, without compensation. Over and over again. They are the permanent items on the “to do lists.”

But there they are, wanting to get done. Needing to get done. “There’s no more clean cups!” “We ran out of soap.” “My favorite pants are clean?” “Ugh, car’s on ‘E’?” Yeah, you get the picture.

Our days are filled with these types of things. If you’re like many, you probably go on autopilot while you’re doing most of them. Unloading the dryer, folding that towel (I know that I just washed this and folded this and put this very towel in the closest yesterday!).

Unfortunately it seems like unconscious energy is a large part of our day. Even after being fully caffeinated and a good workout!

What if we could be more conscious everyday?
What would it look like to bring more consciousness into our day?

Increasing awareness. Deepening our focus.

During those seemingly endless tasks and small jobs, when you are waiting, or folding, or unloading, again, try one of these small blessings to increase consciousness. Try to place your inner awareness and focus at your spiritual eye while you do this.

1. Yogananda’s Prayer for Peace and Harmony: repeat 10x (or more!), “Lord fill this world with peace and harmony. Peace and harmony.” Then repeat 3x, “Lord fill me with peace and harmony. Peace and harmony.”

2. Japa: This is a repetitive practice of saying God’s name, or using a mantra, or a small prayer. “Jai Guru” “Lord bless us”

3. Mantra: A repetitive prayer in Sanskrit like AUM namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya (“AUM, I bow to the Lord Vasudeva, or Krishna”).

4. Healing Prayers: Think of 108 people and say a small prayer of blessing for each person one time, or to one person 108 times. You can use Yogananda’s Peace and Harmony Prayer for this too!

You see, we can take the small moments, the small tasks, of everyday and fill them with a higher purpose then just getting a dish clean, or clothes folded. And putting more conscious energy into our lives.

And always remember that Yogananda said, “The channel is blessed by that which flows through it.”

Lord fill this world with peace and harmony. Peace and harmony.