Just Having to Deal with It

We seem to be getting many opportunities to deal with all kinds of situations. Like the weather. The first couple of snow storms…yay! But after too many snow-days later…ugh! Then there’s that pressing feeling that makes you wonder if it’s ever going to get back to normal.

Many of the teachers from our Living Wisdom School live in our Ananda community. We also have a handful of students too. Several times, during the snowy weather, the teachers willingly offered to have group study time in our community center. The chance for a bit of normalcy and structure in week. Great souls!

It feels like these days of weather have shifted our idea of what a normal winter is here in the NW. Reminding us, that maybe we really aren’t in control of it all! Of any of it, really.

When an entire city is stuck indoors, one realizes that these situations are beyond our sphere of influence. Way beyond, as the snow and ice has shown us. Wishing won’t take it away. And sometimes neither does a shovel.

Is There Something that I Can Do?

A dear friend recently talked about having a “sit-down-type of talk” with God. “Let’s come up with some solutions to these issues,” she was saying. (Nice! I love this image actually.) And interestingly enough, the reply she got was not to solve or create or correct, but rather…Just…Let…It…Go!

I too have had similar realizations throughout my 50 years, though mostly as an adult. Not everything has a solution. Not everything is mine to fix or change or start or finish. Sometimes it is only about letting go. (Feel free to sing it out!)

“Change no circumstance of my life: CHANGE ME.” —Sister Gyanamata

This could be one of the hardest things to do. Let go. When you are a person used to problem-solving or crisis management. Let go.

And it is not only about detachment but finding that inner place of attunement that opens those doors, or parts those veils, to a deeper truth or reality. It is all from the divine. It is only temporary.

All of This Is Temporary

We have a choice in this lifetime, how to react or respond to situations/people/crises/ideas. What if we choose peace and joy? Choosing to be centered and calm. Supportive. Loving.

Choosing to access the light of the divine that is shining through us at every moment. It’s always there. We only need to keep shifting our consciousness and opening more and more deeply to it.