I am realizing how great it is to start over. It’s a new year thing, right?!
Of course one of my favorite things to do at the beginning of the year is the annual choosing of the new calendar. Spending 10 minutes trying to decide on which one, landscapes or flowers, well, more like 2 hours. A fresh calendar without any markings! Think of all the possibilities.
It feels as though there are many of these types of decisions to make in January. So many of them appearing to be time/schedule sensitive, or related to. Interesting.


As humans we are so bound by time. And to push back, we are constantly trying to manipulate it. If I could just get in one more errand. Have to be there by… Oh just a few more minutes…
[Ever notice how nothing stops time like a good snow storm! Especially if the power goes out. That quiet calm that seems to blanket the world. Creating a fairyland.]


Doesn’t it feel like time works against us more often then not? As last year truly slipped away with barely a trace. And at 48 years, it’s making me start to wonder, where have they all gone?
There is so much to entertain us in this world. And then some! Pulling us further out. (Trust me, I love a good movie…speaking of which…Star Wars, oh boy!)

Be In The Moment

Living in the moment takes practice. It seems as though it should be easy, and yet, our attention is geared or pushed toward maya. Thus missing an opportunity for a life lesson, or a gift of grace from the Divine.
These lives we have are very much worth living, connected, consciously. Being in the moment is just that, really, living consciously. Using our divinely guided intuitive knowing.
This year feels as though it’s less about pushing one’s self and more about being. Less and less people are making resolutions and exclaiming more about “being easy” or gentle with themselves this year.
And maybe that’s a good thing. Slow down a bit. Take that moment to enjoy the light reflected in the ice. The twinkle diamonds on those leaves. Feel the sunlight on your cheeks. Appreciate the smile of a friend. Offer that smile to a passerby. Time to be.

Be in the moment.