Spiritual Principles

Letting go is the spiritual principle of detachment, really. Allowing yourself to release the hold on things or ideas, of the way it should be, or past situations, hurts and more. Let them go.

And then there is the next best spiritual principle of surrender. Let it go, then let it be. (aahhh…A Beatles tune to this one, I think.)

There are so many times in life, for many of us more often than not, that we need to work hard with this one. Surrender, like detachment, requires spiritual effort. It is not a passive act, but one that uses strength and courage.

Where have we heard this one before? Oh, I know!! Be calmly active and actively calm. Wise words from Paramhansa Yogananda.

Calmly Active Action

Can you be calmly active and actively calm? Can you maintain this state doing the things you want or need to do? The law of karma is one of action. But is inaction correct? Is passivity right? As with everything, surely, it depends. Action is best when it comes from a calm center. This allows us to hear our intuitive guidance.

We do seva to forget the self– and to act from the calmer Self-. It is about allowing Grace to flow, and then service will flow too. When we are calmly active, we are able to access that intuitive place within us, that aids in a more real experience.

Master. Guide my thoughts. Will. Actions.

Actively Calm Center

Actively Calm is our meditation stance. We use our willingness and power to remain open and receptive, active. We sit with strength and determination. It is not a passive posture. It is the state of open, receptive calmness and with engaged willpower.

We are, after all, demanding the presence of the Divine!