Listening to Christmas Music and Feeling Deep Joy!

O Magnum Mysterium!

The music this time of year is some of the best. Of all time. It can be transforming! Really and truly. Oh great mystery. We sing of the mystery of the Lord born to a young woman.

Walking through the streets of Nazareth, seeing the well where Mary was approached by the Archangel Gabriel. Realizing that this young woman would ultimately shoulder this huge and wonderful responsibility. Lose her youth, her choice, to bring this child into the world. For all of us.

O little town of Bethlehem.

Seeing the grotto where the manger would have lain, with the baby Jesus and His family, to rest. The music sings of joy, light and deepening my awe.

How the shepherds came from miles, flocking to the babe. Called to Him by the light. following the star, star of wonder, star of light, star with royal beauty bright. O nata lux de lumine. O light born of light.

During Christmas time we sing of glory! We sing of angels on high and the wonder. We sing of Christ’s birth and beginning. Gloria in excelsis Deo! We sing of God. We sing to God.

What joy it is to hear in such beauty, the depth and breadth of our true natures. The love of God for His children. Of such love and light. Resmiranda. Wonderful circumstance. Gaudeamus. Let us rejoice.

Listen to the glory. Allow the notes, the melodies, the harmonies, to wash over you. Filling your heart with joy and light. Hear the deepening love. Glory to God in the highest and peace to His people on earth.

Posted by Madhavi Eby

Madhavi Eby and her husband, David Eby, came west to Oregon in 1996 and feeling right at home, found and joined the Ananda Portland family. And have lived in Ananda Communities ever since. Moving to the Ananda Village (Nevada City, CA) in 2001, she joined the staff of Crystal Clarity Publishers working with others in helping to spread the message of this great work of Yogananda and Kriyananda. 2013 the Eby family moved back to Oregon and into the Ananda Portland Community, where she continues to spread her love of vibrant good health through food, humor and community. Madhavi has joined the management staff of the Temple and Teaching Center and also continues to practice her health coaching, love of cooking and chocolate.