Or Making Lemonade Out of Life’s Lemons (part 1)

There are so many times…ah, like when you (or someone you know and love dearly) break something…that it feels like life is trying to get you down. It is challenging you in ways that you really don’t think could possibly be needing this level of challenge.

It’s one of those times when you are asking, “Did I really signup for this? I think that I need to see that contract! Please!?”

So. Right, injury happens. Don’t know how bad. Ice it, elevate it, immobilize it. Ask your friends that are natural medicine-inclinded what they think. Possibly suggest. Adding your own bits to the mix.


The appointment that confirms parts that you did not want to know. You come away from the appointment still not really knowing much, but knowing enough to understand that it’s not good. Hearing the word fracture and knowing it’s even a bit worse then you thought or hoped. Crutches. A cast/boot. Immobility. Pain even. Doctors appointments. X-rays. More appointments. (Can you tell what I have been doing lately?)


Next appointment with specialists. Your time in that cast/boot is longer then you had hoped. Your mobility will be hindered for longer then you wanted. Plans need to be changed.


This has in fact been my life these past two plus weeks, though the break was not mine. My daughter’s. She’s almost 11, it’s the end of school, and there’s a special outing this week. Then those fated words, “It’s a slow healing fracture.” Oh, ugh!

Okay, so we are driving home. She is in a boot, after talking her out of a cast. For how long? Don’t really know, as it will need to be reaccessed every 3–4 weeks.

The PA (Physician Assistant) was reaching out to give hope and mentioned that another young lady “blinged up” her boot. Ah HA! I took the PA’s advice. And so next stop, the craft store, bought a few items (thank you Duck Tape!) and some glimmer gems.

Is that a pile of lemons?

She said to me at one point while we were driving, that this is why she could not go to the preferred acting camp! Being in the boot and with crutches, it just would not work. But having to change to the singing camp is better, as it does not matter about the boot. (After all she sang Mahler’s 3rd with the Oregon Symphony on crutches and with the boot!)

Time to make that delicious thirst-quenching lemonade.

We get home and then start to cover said boot with bling and tape. And it looks…oh so much better! Not nearly as boring. And it’s hers. A bit of a smile.

Drinking Life’s Lemonade.

Seeing the good in a situation that seems/feels bad is not always easy. It does require a calm mind and heart. And lots of deep deep breathing.

I try to remember what Paramhansa Yogananda said, that all situations are neutral (!!). It is our reaction(s) and/or response(s) to them that make them positive or negative.

And at some point, like the Saints, we want to find and live in that neutrality. That place where crashing worlds do not sway us. Further allowing the deeper connection with God and the Infinite Universe.