The Oratorio Brings Great Blessings

When you bring together 40 singing meditators to perform Christ Lives: an Oratorio, magic is sure to happen.

Perhaps it’s because these extraordinary singers have not only spent months fine tuning their voices and the notes, they have also dedicated decades to attuning their souls to the living presence of Christ within through daily meditation.

We have honed the external musical experience of melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, and blend. When you hear all of these working in perfect synchrony, it becomes a magical experience in itself.

But what sets our Ananda choir apart is our focus on the internal musical experience. We consciously invite the living presence of Christ into our hearts and souls through every song we sing.

Most importantly, we use the silence after each piece to dive deeply into any genuine presence awakening and responding within us, like the resonating strings of a piano. We focus on receptivity and absorption, and then infuse our own genuine response into our voices. Consciousness is conveyed through sound–make no doubt about it.

The Oratorio Is Not Only for Yogis

This internal musical experience is not something only yogis tune into. In fact, we all do!

How often do you hear:

“That really moved me”
“I was deeply touched”
“That really resonates with me”
“I’m in tune with that”
“That struck a deep chord in me”

We are talking about an inner experience that we don’t know how to quantify, but we know it when it comes.

As we were rehearsing the other week, a gentleman new to Ananda came and observed. He was deeply impressed by what he experienced. “You turned a practice into a prayer.”

So when you come to hear us on Saturday, April 1 (no foolin!), you won’t be just hearing well-tuned notes. You will experience a living prayer and a living meditation. Join us as we call to the presence of Christ, and as we feel for His response in the silence.

Performing is the Northwest Ananda Choir, made up of our Ananda Portland Choir joined by a dozen singers from our Ananda Seattle choir, who have also felt this presence of Christ awaken in them through this masterpiece.

Come. Open your hearts. Receive, absorb, and transform your consciousness through the magic of this music, the magic of this choir.


This masterwork by Swami Kriyananda features selections for choir, solo voices, keyboard, flute, strings, and small ensemble. Run time approx. 90 minutes. Ananda Portland Temple, Saturday, April 1, 2017 at 7pm.