Amazingly enough, it is that time of year. Again. It seems that every year we hear about it a month earlier. I think this year it was around October 20th or so!

Too early. Happening upon it during one’s weekly household shopping excursions. Those that dared to display the holiday wares, and autumn had only just begun.

And one cannot deny, the end of the year is now insight. (Is it just me? Oh wow!)

The Christmas Holiday Season!

There seems a certain amount of dread that builds up, about this time of year. And every year, an additional item, or more, to add to the list “To Do”!

So okay…here are three words for you (and me!). Simplify. Relax (and feel). En-joy

The Christmas season is a blessed and wonderful time of year. Even adults are encouraged to experience child-like joy again. There are so many beautiful things—lights, nativities, music. People smiling and giving.

An abundance of opportunities to find and be in that state of joy.

Of course the world offers up so many ways to pull us out of our centers. Doesn’t it seems even stronger this time of year?


Take some time to find peace this season. Remember our practices created to help us maintain our true centers.

Too much shopping? Simplify. Or make/bake something if you can. Take a moment before you leave your mode-of-transportation, and pray for peace. Taking a moment to find your center and hold on to it, prior to whatever you need to do that day.

Smile and enjoy. Maybe every time you see a santa, send out a blessing to someone you know, or don’t know, of peace and harmony.


The Christmas season has deep meaning and even deeper blessings. It’s a time of magic and wonder, when the veils that keep us from God, are at their thinnest, and easily pierced.

Take the time to strengthen your inner gifts. And share those blessings with all whom you meet.