How’re you doin’ in the relationships department? (Read through to the end, I have a point.)

Guys: Are you really listening to your partner? I mean, are you so interested in their point of view that you completely forget your own? Do you follow their advice? Can you let go of the next thing in your head that you want to say, just drop it; and be in the present moment with your partner?

Ladies: Are you walking your talk? Following up on what you promised you’d do? 100% trusting & supportive, without any need to correct or criticize? Do you embrace self-correction, rather than self-blame?

How much are you personally expressing these qualities:

  • Humility
  • Receptivity
  • Appreciation
  • Kindness
  • R-e-s-p-e-c-t

Do you share everything? Is every moment a creative delight, rather than just familiar routine?

Now, go back and re-read those questions but this time, thinking of God as your partner.


Who’s doing the talking in our meditation? Are we really listening to God’s advice? Are we acting on that advice—applying all our focused energy?

This relationship is about connection, not ideas. It’s about devotion, keeping the home fires burning.

How do you wish with all your heart that your partner would be, for their highest good? That’s exactly how God feels about us!

Get calm enough in meditation to let the voice of God inspire you, fill you, thrill you.

“I am never really lonely for anyone. Only for God. If my consciousness is raised the tiniest bit, so that the Self-the radiant denizen of my inner being-seems so much as a hair’s breadth nearer to me, all sense of isolation leaves me.”
—Sister Gyanamata

“I take this sacred vow: Never will I lower my love’s gaze below the eyebrow-horizon of my constant thoughts of Thee! Never will I turn my uplifted inner sight away from Thee! Never will I let my mind dwell on anything that reminds me not of Thee! I will disdain the nightmare of ignorant behavior. I will court all dreams of noble achievement: those of love, kindness, and understanding, for they are Thy dreams.” —Paramhansa Yogananda