Please join Ananda Portland for the 2019 Sage Series!

Sages are divinely inspired philosophers and spiritual teachers with direct knowledge of Universal Truth, also known as Rishis. Our series consists of Sages who are part of the Ananda Sangha Worldwide.

Each retreat will create an uplifting and transformational experience that you will carry home with you.

  •    Deepen your attunement and well-being
  •    Increase your awareness and intuition
  •    Strengthen your centeredness within your bigger Self
  •    Manifest ever more joy, peace and harmony

Series Guests and Dates:

(May 17-19: Shanti Rubenstone, Co-Spiritual Director of Ananda Palo Alto)

(July 26-28: Saiganesh Sairaman and Navashen Jones from Ananda Palo Alto) 

Oct. 18-20: Nayaswami Nalini Graeber and Maitri Jones from Ananda Village view calendar

Nov. 1-3:  Nayaswami Parvati Hansen from Ananda Village view calendar

More information will be available soon. Stay tuned…