Healing Prayers

“Feel Light and Divine Power flowing through you as you serve
as an instrument of God’s healing grace.”
Paramhansa Yogananda

At Ananda Portland, we offer Healing Prayers on a daily basis for those who have requested healing energy. Everyone is welcome at the Healing Prayer Circle which meets once a month usually on the third Sunday after service in the Temple.  more on the calendar page

We live in a universe of energy. The creative energy that produces the stars, planets, plants, animals and all of humankind can also heal and uplift. By the power of prayer and soul-receptivity, we can attune ourselves to this flow of cosmic energy and healing life force. Paramhansa Yogananda stated that “Life force is the only supreme, invariable power by which any or all methods of healing can be made effective.”

When you make a prayer request, we will keep your request on our Healing Prayer List for one month. You can then renew your request if there is further need. Over the years, we have seen that people benefit greatly from Healing Prayers. They can be life changing for the recipient and for those who are saying the prayers.

To learn more about the Healing Prayer Technique and about our Ananda Prayer Ministry, worldwide, visit the healing prayer site. Or join us at our next Healing Prayer Circle and experience the dynamic energy of the vibration of healing AUM.

In Joy,

Darlene Potter
Healing Prayer Circle Leader

 To request Healing Prayers for yourself or loved ones call 503-626-3403 or contact us.