Temple and Teaching Center

Sunday Mornings at Ananda

Please join us for our weekly Sunday Services. Come to one or both and take the opportunity to affirm the awakening of spirit and truth within. All are welcome.

Purification Service from 9–9:45am: This begins with an ancient Vedic fire ceremony, providing a time of inner purification through simple ritual. We then meditate together, during which time we have an opportunity to offer our self to God for purification, and receive a personal blessing. There is no child care or Sunday School during this service—older children with parents are welcome. 

Festival of Light from 10–11:30am: This includes chanting, meditation, prayers, music, readings from both the Bible and the Bhagavad Gita, and an inspirational talk. The service concludes with the Festival of Light, a universal celebration of the path of inner communion with God and of the divine grace that has come to us in our age.

Sunday School for children ages 4–11 is available during the Festival of Light at 10 am. The children experience music, yoga postures, arts & crafts, and inspirational stories and activities that express the universal truths of Self-Realization.

For parents with children under 4 years old, we offer a family playroom with live video and audio feed of the service.

Recordings of the Sunday Service talks are now being posted in Online Inspiration.

FAQ:  Why do the ministers where different colors? Do the colors mean something?

ANSWER: When performing ceremonies and conducting Sunday Services, Ananda ministers wear robes that indicate the role they have taken on and the vows they have committed to.

Ministers serve Ananda in a variety of ways, sometimes teaching and being in visible leadership positions, sometimes “behind the scenes.” Sometimes they will wear a golden stole when serving in ceremonies and services. Light bearers are ministers who conduct ceremonies and services in addition to serving in other capacities. They wear robes with a draped shawl, called a “chuddar,” during services.  Light bearers who have taken a Nayaswami vow of renunciation wear blue robes and chuddars during ceremonies. (Learn more about the Nayaswami order.)