Rajarshi Seva days with Ananda are always wonderful events. And every time I am amazed at what is done. There are big and small projects with anywhere from 2-30 people working together to complete some or all of a task that was planned for the day.

Using patience.

It’s easy to see these work days as being just a tool to get things done. But It’s not just about doing, but being. Feeling. Experiencing the joy of community and letting that transform us.

Using experiences.

I believe that the biggest and most important part of any Seva/work day, is harmony. The cooperative participation with which each person brings to the day. It’s magic!

Using joy and gratitude.

I see a lot of blessings on these works days, people coming together in peace and harmony. Getting to know one another more. Laughing and smiling.

Helping each other with what needs to get done. Doing things that you might be doing for your career/job, but doing them in service, with and for others. Working in an area where you might not have skills but trying to do it anyway.

Lots of positive energy. Enthusiasm and desire to complete as much of the different projects as possible. Jumping in where and when needed, being both serviceful to others and willing to lend a hand. Knowing that there is a lot of mindfulness and conscious awareness all around you.

If you have not experienced a Rajarshi day with Ananda. You should. I’ve been a part of 20 Rajarshi Seva events (plus 20 Fall Harvest Seva days). And each is very different, usually in the projects. (HA! except for those pesky weeds!)

And the same, usually the energy and light that people bring to the events which infuses our communities and our-Selves. Then, of course, as always, this last one…was the best ever.