What does it mean to be grateful?

Does it mean “taking” whatever you get with a smile? Yeah, sometimes.

There is a part of any spiritual path where you practice gratitude. For all things. Good and bad (!). We are told that the Divine gives us everything. Every up and every down in our lives. As they are all lessons for us to work through.

Now, there are of course many many layers to a statement like this. One could philosophize, or intellectualize, on a statement like this for a lifetime. And what I am going to ask of you is to just believe it. Better yet, to take it deeply within and “know” it to be true.

So no matter what, it comes from the Divine. Dropped a dozen eggs. Thank you Divine Mother! Ran out of gas. Thank you God! Found $10 on the street and no one in sight that it could belong too. Bless you Universe!

So in gratitude we thank the Divine for it all.

We hold the gratitude in our hearts and let it fill us. And then we grab it and hold it again. Letting it fill us some more!

We have so many opportunities to move in this lifetime. Forward. A bit backward. Sideways. The other sideways :-D. We have endless opportunities to reach out for something a bit better in our lives. A small understanding. An attitude change. A better way of being and acting. These are all gifts.

Gifts from the Divine. God knows what you need in every second that you need it. It is in gratitude that we can open our hearts more deeply and hear. Listen for the answer.