Keshava BettsKeshava is a lifelong performing artist—cellist, vocal soloist, actor, and even briefly as a professional Hollywood stuntman. Unusually, he is also a lifelong student of Yogananda’s teachings, immersed since birth at Ananda Village. He was active in the Ananda Los Angeles center, teaching classes in meditation and Raja Yoga, and directing the music program. He is a professional personal trainer and pain specialist, helping athletes, elderly, young people, and professionals to overcome injury and lead happier and stronger lives. Keshava also has a deep love of astrology and has studied with Vedic astrologer, Drupada MacDonald. He has served as a co-manager of the Ananda Palo Alto temple and most recently has moved to the Palo Alto Living Wisdom School as a teacher. In all his roles, Keshava aims to share the transformative vibration of wisdom and joy in everything he does.