Director of Development for Ananda Worldwide
Mai Lee

Mai Lee is highly trained in the world of business and technology, and she knows from personal experience how locked in to devices one can become. Ten years ago she took up the practice of meditation. Thrilled with the changes in herself she was able to experience in her busy life in Los Angeles, she took her exploration further in 2016 by moving to Ananda Village, an intentional yoga community. She is enthusiastic to share with other technology lovers the mental, physical, and spiritual refreshment that can come from just three days free from technology.

Mai has held numerous senior development positions, including directing HYPE Los Angeles, The Midnight Mission, and currently, Ananda Sangha Worldwide, where she is the primary fundraising strategist. She has consulted with multiple technology companies on apps and technology for the nonprofit industry.

She is a former board member of FBI Los Angeles Citizens Academy, Operation Progress, and Central City Association. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Sharing Nature Worldwide, a nonprofit that brings nature education experiences to adults and youth across the globe.