There is a phrase, or statement, that we use in a Ananda. Ananda-speak, so to speak. The saying goes as follows. Magnetize the right solution.

It’s been on my mind lately. One thought that comes to my mind when I think of this is that it feels a little bit like saying, go out and get/find the right answer.

Like you can just rush out the door. Jump in your car. Go to the store. Purchased the solution. Get back in your car. Rush home. Apply solution.

I had the good fortune of hearing Nayaswami Jyotish say, there are no wrong choices.

He went on to say that every choice a person can make is actually a right choice. (I know, how can that be!!)

After thinking about this statement for many years now (yes, much food for thought in this little gem), my hubby and I were talking the other day, and came up to a fairly important realization.

Magnetize your Self, and you’ll always attract the right solution for that vibrational state of consciousness that you hold yourself in, in any given moment. (phew!)

It’s like there are degrees of right choices. And depending on your state of consciousness at any given time, the choice or answer you find will be right. So higher energy = higher energy solution. Lower energy = lower energy solution! I am sure that is one way to look at what Nayaswami Jyotish was referring to.

Nayaswami Surendra in his Sunday service talk said something very similar.

He referred to Nayaswami Tushti’s constant efforts, in her life, to be the best devotee that she could be. Increasing her magnetism day by day. Situation by situation. Thought by thought. Action by action.

So no, one cannot just go out to the store and buy oneself the right solution! There is no “solution store” no matter what anyone says.

It’s that by increasing our own magnetism, the more we will magnetize the best solution for every opportunity or challenge. A solution that is a vibrational match for that state of magnetism that we are currently creating within ourselves.

How do we increase this magnetism and attract those higher-vibrational solutions?

By doing those practices and techniques, by changing our attitudes and awareness, that help us to evermore deeply focus our attunement with the Divine, with our Guru, with God.