Sunday Service Talks

Services are livestreamed on our Youtube Video channel

Upcoming Talk

December 4, 2022, with Lorna Knox (bio)
Topic: What Is It, to Fail Spiritually?
Affirmation: Immortality


Past Talks

November 27, 2022, with Surendra James Conti (bio)   View this talk
Topic: The Law of Karma – Bondage, or Soul-Release
Affirmation: Gratitude

November 20, 2022, with Lorna Knox (bio)   View this talk
Topic: Reincarnation – the Spiral Staircase
Affirmation: Perseverance

November 13, 2022, with Shanti Rubenstone (bio) , Saiganesh Sairaman (bio) , Brahmachari Lakshmi (bio)   View this talk
Topic: The Promise of the Scriptures
Affirmation: Moral Vigor

November 6, 2022, with Nayaswamis Hriman and Padma (bio)   View this talk
Topic: Faith Is a Call to Prayer; Prayer Is a Call to Faith
Affirmation: Openness

October 30, 2022, with Nayaswami Hanuman (bio)   View this talk
Topic: Why Tell God Anything When He Knows Everything? Why Offer God Anything, When He Has Everything?
Affirmation: Acceptance

October 23, 2022, with Brahmachari Sagar (bio)   View this talk
Topic: What Is the Best Way to Pray?
Affirmation: Even-Mindedness

October 16, 2022, with Nayaswami Bharati (bio)   View this talk
Topic: First Things First
Affirmation: Humor

October 9, 2022, with Peter Copley (bio)   View this talk
Topic: Victory Demands the Courage of Conviction
Affirmation: Positive Thinking

October 2, 2022, with Surendra James Conti (bio)   View this talk
Topic: In Surrender Lies Victory!
Affirmation: Awareness

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