3-Hour Monthly Meditation

A Longer Group Meditation to Deepen Your Experience

Join us at the Ananda Temple and Teaching Center

This special evening drop-in meditation, generally on the 4th Friday of the month, is open to all. Join in the powerful dynamic of group meditations in a longer 3-hour meditation.

Make this monthly commitment to take this special opportunity to go deeper into your practices once a month. Bring your gear, or borrow a chair. Come and add your light to the group.

Meditation Schedule

6pm  Opening prayer, chanting (15 min.)
6:15pm  Meditation (20 min.)
6:35pm  Chanting break—good time to enter or leave (10 min.)
6:45pm  Meditation (90 min.)
8:15pm  Chanting break (15 min.)
8:30pm Meditation (20 min.)
8:50pm  Chant & Healing Prayers

Living the Path of Kriya Yoga – Free Presentation

Join us for a free presentation given by Nayaswamis Maria and Parvati, visiting from Ananda Village, California. Maria and Parvati have been disciples and kriyabans for decades. They both trained with Swami Kriyananda and have taught the principles of kriya yoga to spiritual seekers around the world.  All are welcome to hear about this path to Self-realization, as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda.

Nayaswami Maria

Nayaswami Maria








Nayaswami Parvati