In the Garden of Gethsemane

A Deep Stillness in the Garden

The walls are lit up at night. They are brightly illuminated, throwing the rest of the city into relief. The gardens, dark and silent at near dawn. Such a beautiful site. It was a blessing to be a part of that pilgrimage, walking in all those places Jesus walked. Such a blessing.

Sitting in the Garden of Gethsemane, looking out onto the walls of the Ancient City of Jerusalem, I realized—a bit more deeply—why Jesus came.

On the way back to the hotel, my hubby commented on a thought/feeling he had after our meditation in those gardens. David had imagined that the gardens would hold a vibration of sadness due to the betrayal of Jesus, by Judas. Instead, it held a strong vibration of strength and clarity.

Our meditation that early morning, was deep with meaning and joy! The sacredness of that space pouring into our souls. The blessings continued.

Christ Has Risen this Easter Morning

Easter is not just a time of death, Jesus went to His crucifixion knowing. He asked His Divine Father to release Him from this karma. His release came, not from the actions that needed to take place, but entirely in His heart and soul. His blessings for all of us are so deep and pure. Filled with strength and clarity!

Joy! Yes, even in the garden of betrayal, joy.

Jesus came to this world in answer to a “call of aspiring love” and need, to show us, not how great He was, but to show us how great we can be.

You Can Change Your Life by Changing Your Magnetism

I Used to Mentally Label Magnetism as “woo-woo”

Grounded, practical, real—these are words I would be inclined to use to describe myself and those spiritual teachings that I am attracted to. Magnetism, or some strange spiritual power of attraction, didn’t fit my down-to-earth mentality and therefore was condemned to the woo-woo category.

But luckily, my hasty judgements are often revoked and as I tried to live the practical teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, the truth about magnetism began to sink in.

What explained the circumstances, people, and opportunities that came to very particularly to me? The law of karma helped me to see how the whole system works in a harmonious and balanced way. But what was really going on when things happened in my life that didn’t happen to my neighbor, or my friends, or even those in my own family?

Why do some people obviously have more power and energy than others, and what was that amazing “something” that pulled me to want to spend time with Swami Kriyananda? He was loving and kind, of course, but that wasn’t enough to explain the powerful pull on my consciousness when I was near him.

Magnetism! It’s not magical or woo-woo, it’s actually a very scientific and grounded concept.

Science and yoga tell us that everything is energy and energy vibrates.

And, if everything in this physical reality is energy, and energy is always moving, something must happen when all that energy tries to move and go somewhere.

Where does it go and why does it go there? Some energy is attracted to me and my life—some energy never seems to show up in my life. So some kinds of energy are drawn to me and some kinds of energy are repulsed, or at least, not drawn to me.

Wow! Could I change my magnetism and could that change my life?

We are offering a 4-class series, to explore these truths about magnetism, and delve more deeply into these concepts. Our guide will be the new book from Crystal Clarity by Naidhruva Rush, Change Your Magnetism and Change Your Life.

Really, Maybe, Not

We see, and we believe. Isn’t that right?

We see a chair. It’s right over there. Yup, that’s a chair, all right. We can see it and sit in it too. But is that enough to say that its physical reality is real?

Real or not, it would be extremely unwise to ignore the possibility that chairs and other perceived objects exist. An oncoming train will quickly dispatch both you and your quantum theory if you choose to stand in its way, expecting its atomic particles to suddenly behave as waves. Better to believe that a train is a real train.

But there is a greater reality than what our senses can experience, and failing to adhere to it causes problems that nag and never quit. This greater reality is the spectrum of the soul. Strangely, though, most of us give it little consideration. Because it does not conform to any method that science can measure, we hesitate to trust it. Hence the fix we are in.

The material world cannot be denied.

As we are to live on earth, the material world is where that living must be. But here’s the rub: To abide in material consciousness, as society has trained us to do, is to fear an end to what it can offer, and end it will. Moreover, this state of mind kindles material desires, which flare into attachments, which spur the creation of possessive habits, which encourage more of the same until we are fully ensnared in suffering’s web. What a choice to make! But who of us, more or less, has not made it?

A question I still have to ask myself is why I would be afraid to die. The answer, always the same, stares me right in the face. Like Karna in the Bhagavad Gita, part of me wants to believe that real happiness can somehow be won on this finite plane of existence, and it urges me to give chase. This, I am constantly reminded, is absurd. The finite, after all, cannot yield an infinite result. Yet, though I am well aware that physical death is a natural aspect of life—that the real “I” inside my borrowed body will go on—my mortal side continues to want the cake and eat it too.

One of the lessons of the Bhagavad Gita is that none of us shrinks, but rather expands, in ousting the ego-born aspects of our personalities. Ingrained as they may seem to be, they are merely expressions of energy which, when directed inward and upward instead of outward, diminish suffering and add to our joy. The self is not lost, it is lifted.

Likewise, it should motivate us that life on earth is but a series of lessons that lead us higher to the promise of infinitely more. We cannot die except to the millions of wishes that stand in our way. It is crazy to hold fast to their fleeting amusements, to endure with disappointment their limitations. And yet that is what we incline to do, ready to excuse with reason the reason why.

Wrestling with restless thoughts goes on.

But as every saint and avatar has assured us, a willingness to engage more deeply, to seek and follow the guidance of God’s inner call, guarantees a life of no regrets.

For each of us, regardless of where we are stuck, the road is one, the direction is one, the destination is one. Let us at least understand where we are headed: out of our heads, into the wilds of the soul’s inner world, into the kingdom of Oneness. Like the Jews who wandered the Sinai in search of the Promised Land, we are destined to cross the desert of our own fruitless delusions, arriving at last at the realization of Self. Whether it takes forty years or forty million, we are headed Home.

I feel better already.