It’s Time to Stop the Mind Games

The mind is a tricky business.

You catch something out of the corner of your eye and, depending on your state-of-mind, you could have yourself believing all kinds of things about what you thought you saw.

A person can lose an arm or leg for any number of reasons. And yet they will still feel its presence. Whole, unharmed. A phenomenon called “phantom limb.” Powerful.

Yogananda repeatedly reminded us, sometimes in very strong words, of the need to flood our minds with Truth. So that everything we speak “must represent not only Truth, but some of your realized soul force.” Realized soul force! It is within you.

It stems from the Divine.

Belief in ourselves, in our ability, must be clear and strong. For disbelief could in fact magnetize failure. Is the negative thought being more powerful than the positive thought? The thoughts we “habitually entertain” will lead us one way or another!

We are asked–guided really–to turn to God in all things, no matter how grand or how small. Bringing the Divine into whatever we think, do or will means we are participating with God. Thus bringing us more closely in harmony with Divine Will. Divine Action. Aligning ourselves with Divine Law.

It is through this harmonious play with the Divine, that the opportunities we seek are created. Thoughts being universally rooted, not individually. Words being crystallized thoughts. And our actions being guided by the Divine.

I will reason.
I will will.
I will act.
But guide thou my reason, will and activity to the right thing I should do….

Make us Transparent, that Thy Light may shine through us.

Whispers from Eternity, Paramhansa Yogananda

The sunbeams of Thy love shine equally on all the members of Thy cosmic family, whether prophet, hero, villain, tiny moth, or me. It is our own fault if we make ourselves opaque by our own mental and emotional dullness. Teach us to wipe away the dirt of error from the windows of our understanding.

Our arms are weak for the task, owing to our long inner spiritual resistance. O Master Cleanser, lend power to our efforts, that we may wipe away every last spot that clings to our minds, obscuring our transparency and preventing free entry to Thy light. Oh, make us fully clean again, invisible in our egos because transmitting only visions of Thy beauty, which lies within us.

Posted by Madhavi Eby

Madhavi Eby and her husband, David Eby, came west to Oregon in 1996 and feeling right at home, found and joined the Ananda Portland family. And have lived in Ananda Communities ever since. Moving to the Ananda Village (Nevada City, CA) in 2001, she joined the staff of Crystal Clarity Publishers working with others in helping to spread the message of this great work of Yogananda and Kriyananda. 2013 the Eby family moved back to Oregon and into the Ananda Portland Community, where she continues to spread her love of vibrant good health through food, humor and community. Madhavi has joined the management staff of the Temple and Teaching Center and also continues to practice her health coaching, love of cooking and chocolate.