I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in Florida this year. Some for pleasure, but this last time not so much. My mom and stepdad have both had a major turn in their health. And both on the same day!

So I came down to visit. And ended up staying longer. Becoming nurse, medical liaison, chauffeur, cleaner, dog walker, gardener. Basically, whatever was needed, just trying to help them on this long and frustrating road to a hopeful recovery.

Every afternoon, while they napped, I would sit on a lounge on the lanai, with a Golden Lab on my lap. Taking a bit of time to relax and recollect myself before the next appointment, meal, dog-duty. Enjoying a spot of quiet.

Looking up into the sky, I noticed a large bird. I thought it was only a TV (Turkey Vulture). Then it dipped down and flew directly over head, giving me a good look. It was an eagle. A Bald Eagle at that, seeing those white telltale markings. Hearing its distinctive call.

I watched it fly around, the power of this bird. Its wings spread wide. The grace of its flight. And it stuck me, What would it be like to fly like that?

Then it occurred to me that we can fly like that! That our true nature…our soul nature…is to soar! Catching all of those perfect currents that carry us up and up.

Is this the eagle’s true nature? To fly. Ignoring any obstacle in its path, like another bird testing it or finding that next great current. The eagle just flies, higher and higher.

We too, like that eagle, are made to soar. The true soul nature is to fly high on the currents of vibration and Christ-consciousness. Not be tethered to this earthly-plane with its worldly issues or even worldly ideals. But to know true freedom. To live in ever-lasting pace and joy!

So, fly eagle. Fly.