A summary of discussion points from today:

  • The US is now past 3600 cases. This is expected to rise quickly now that we have wide spread testing available. We expect an exponential rate of growth with means roughly a doubling every 5 days until the curve begins to taper off.
  • South Korea was aggressive with interventions and the number of cases has remained essentially flat – about 8200 cases. South Korea has 0 serious cases (people in ICU). Number of fatalities is 75 or 0.1%.
  • Epidemiologists are looking at the US as about 10 -14 days behind Italy
  • Italy, as an example of a country that was slow to respond, has had a steep exponential growth of confirmed cases with a 10% fatality rate. While South Korea’s growth curve has remained quite even with no fatalities to date.
  • Even given the situation in Italy, our friends in Assisi are doing well right now and handling the situation very smoothly. They had a large turnout for their online Kriyaban Program. Larger than if it had been held live!
  • Ananda Worldwide in the US is also expanding our online offerings for wide accessibility.
  • To help safeguard all devotees in Ananda communities, the centers and mandirs are closed.
  • Studies show that younger people are not immune to this virus. There are confirmed cases with people as young as 16, some serious ICU cases. In Holland, about half the ICU (serious) confirmed cases are people under the age of 50.
  • Transmission of Covid19 builds over 5-7 days of exposure and remains highly contagious until symptoms begin to show then it begins to taper off.
  • We have discussed that this virus is spread through droplet (secretion) transmission via cough, mucus, saliva, feces, urine. Now we are seeing that this virus is also transmitted via airborne contact. This means that it is transported by particles in the breath.
  • Surface exposure via picking up particles with your hands can be washed off. It would be best to disinfect everything that you bring into the home, objects, mail and food. (There are recipes online for using bleach or vinegar to disinfect vegetables and fruit.)
  • Coming and going to and from anywhere outside the home, wash your hands.
  • Governor Newsom (California) has made a proclamation that all people over 65 stay at home and self-isolate. He also has asked that many recreational and food serving establishments close. We expect that this will become more stringent in the coming days.
  • Please no visitors to our homes from outside the community at this time. For your protection and theirs. This also means that we will need to cancel live attendance for Springtime at Ananda. Video visits will be made available and will surely make a lovely interlude in this globally challenging time.
  • Peter also quoted the words of a medical clinician who responded to the Eboli virus. To paraphrase, he said, “To act quickly is to have no regrets. Everyone is afraid of over-reacting or making a mistake, but the greatest error is to delay and weigh action. Speed, fast action is the most effective.”

In divine friendship in God and Gurus,
Lorna for Ananda Portland