A summary of discussion points from today:

*We are seeing the results from those countries that took strict action to enforce social distancing and travel restrictions early. Countries like Singapore and South Korea have already flattened their transmission rate.

*South Korea is still holding steady at 8300 confirmed cases with widespread testing.

*An interesting study from Italy, a country that was slower to respond and is still experiencing an exponential rate of transmission, compared the transmission rates in two cities: Bergamo and Lodi.

*Lodi, just outside Milan enforced very restrictive measures quickly and their transmission rate has flattened, while Bergamo, north of Milan, hesitated in their response and they are still experiencing an exponential rise in cases.

*In Nevada County, the one confirmed case is quarantined in the Truckee area and all their contacts are being monitored.

*Drive through testing is beginning in some areas, including Nevada County in CA. Testing must be ordered by a physician and scheduled through the hospital.

* Recommendations are still to limit international and domestic travel unless absolutely necessary. Compress all errands and trips out of the home and be as efficient as possible and limit time and contact with others.

*Utilize services that are offered such as personal shopping online and drive through pick up at the store. High risk individuals should have others do their shopping. Wear masks and disposable gloves when possible.

*Always tell the truth about your symptoms and how you are feeling with family, and others you are in contact with. This is being responsible. At the Sierra Clinic all the workers take their temperature and report how they are feeling before starting their duties.

*70% Alcohol or more is an effective disinfectant.

*Encourage family and friends to adhere to social distancing guidelines and safe behavior for everyone’s health and well being.

*Devi has invited all of us to continue to meditate “together” from our rooms or homes from 6:30 am to 8 am each morning to keep our energy uplifted, united and strong.

*Regarding jyoti mudra and aum technique that require we touch the face, just make sure your hands and board are regularly disinfected. These practices are part of our arsenal right now.

In divine friendship in God and Gurus,
Lorna for Ananda Portland