A summary of discussion points from today::

  • Statistics: Cases in US: 6200 (up from 4500 yesterday) Deaths: 107 (up from 89) Serious cases are about the same – around 60.
  • Testing will be more widespread this week (55,000 tests done so far) across the country and those results will increase the numbers. At this time testing is limited to those who have doctor orders and symptoms or risk factors that indicate the need for testing.
  • More international changes – Canada has limited access, European Union closing borders
  • Very difficult to choose what services to keep running and still protect the population. China is now resuming some activities, but the number of cases is going up again.
  • New York has 1300 cases / 20% have required hospitalization. New York is warning of a coming edict to shelter in place. S.Korea has a lower hospitalization rate most likely due to early intervention.
  • Some places are moving homeless into empty hotels to control the spread of the virus within that population.
  • Italy’s rate of increase in cases is still going up, but slowing. They are graduating senior medical students into the workplace – they are qualified and have completed studies, just not officially graduated yet.
  • Great Britain – anyone over age 70 is considered quarantined.
  • New info about the virus: Asymptomatic cases, some get infected but don’t become ill. One study in Rome tested 3000 people and the number of positive tests without symptoms were about 50%. Not sure how this applies in the U.S. and multiple factors. For asymptomatic people the period of being contagious is probably the same as those with symptoms – approx 14 days.
  • Main way of transmission – through droplets to another person’s mouth, nose, eyes. Second way is through contact with something that has the virus on it. Third way is through the air – or as an aerosol. Distance makes a difference in the concentration of virus in the air. New info – how long is the virus viable as airborne? They have found that in 1 hour about half of the virus particles are nonviable and each hour it goes down another 50%.  Have conversations outside, keep windows open, keep your distance.
  • In China, men have a higher infection rate than women and this is true other places.
  • Incubation time info:  Mean incubation time is 5.5 days. By 11.5 days about 98% of people have finished their incubation period. 14 day quarantine is appropriate.
  • Looks like the virus does not survive on surfaces as long as we thought. Standard disinfectants do work. More info coming about that.
  • Recommended not to have young children around older adults – puts older adults at more risk. It would be best if children stayed in one place and did not travel between homes, or custody parents. If you have to work outside the home be especially careful and sequester yourself and protect others. In group situations it would be best to not have shared food – especially fixing raw foods.
  • Should not plan travel for at least 2 months, maybe longer. Even if it is allowed with the airlines.
  • India is beginning to have some cases and potentially a growing area of concern.
  • If you must work away from home or be in an environment where there is exposure, it would be best to wash your clothes when you get home and even wipe down coats and items that can’t be put in the washing machine. This form of transmission is unlikely though.

In divine friendship in God and Gurus,
Lorna for Ananda Portland