A summary of discussion points from today:

What we know about transmission:

  • Droplet form is most common way to get infected. The virus is in the respiratory tract and coughing, sneezing, talking, and breathing carrying the virus in droplets and gets into someone else’s eyes, nose, mouth. The virus is also shed through urine and stool and can be transmitted through contact with those body wastes.
  • Contact transmission: Studies show that for most surfaces the virus is viable for under 72 hours and NOT the 9 day theory we have heard about.
  • Copper – non viable within 4 hours
  • Cardboard – can last about 24 hours
  • Plastic – can last about 72 hours
  • Stainless steel – can last about 72 hours
  • Airborne form or aerosol: Half life is about 1 hour. Meaning – in an enclosed space where someone breathed out the virus, the particles are viable in the air and every hour the viable particles decrease 50%. After a full 3 hours there can still be some viable particles. These may not do anything because there may be such a low exposure, but it shows that fresh air can be very helpful to dissipate the airborne virus.
  • What we should be doing:
  • Social distancing – 6 ft, even at home with family to decrease chance of droplet transmission.
  • How long to keep protection procedures for ourselves? At least 2 months from today. Perhaps less if we are very fortunate. Could be longer, 2 – 4 months.
  • At least for 2 months – do not travel, at all.
  • If over age 65 – stay home. Anything that is elective or optional, postpone it. Serious illness rate and fatalities are much higher in this population. Okay to go out and get some sun and walk around. Stay away from others.
  • Under 65 – please only go out if essential. Follow safe behavior even if others in the public do not, distancing, use a mask in public areas. If you are ill, use a face mask or a scarf to keep from spreading droplets around.
  • The virus is shed in the stool and urine, so disinfecting toilet areas after use is a good idea.
  • Wipe down surfaces in your home at least daily
  • Absolutely no traveling unless where you are is clearly unsafe.
  • Risk factors for people getting seriously ill include age, smoking, obesity. But not just old people are at risk – 40% of serious cases are age 20 – 54.
  • Try to refrain from touching your face and head if possible – that is the where the virus generally enters the body through eyes, mouth, nose.
  • When there are plenty of masks available, using masks whenever you are out will probably be common and will help transmission rates go down.
  • What is happening with testing:
  • Testing is happening with sickest people right now and positive tests are about 7%, which is a high rate but will probably go down. All testing is now done with doctor orders for high risk and symptomatic patients. Testing in happening in Nevada County CA
  • Everyly Well company is developing a home test that will have to be prescribed by a physician. But the way the sample is obtained is very important and false negatives tests can result if not done properly. Swabbing mouth and throat have proven to be not an effective way to test. Nasal testing with a long swab to reach way inside is the most reliable at about 60%. This needs to be done by correctly by someone who knows how.
  • Over 22,000 tests performed in the U.S. as of Monday. More labs coming on board will increase that number.
  • What about treatment?
  • Some medications are being explored. Some that may shorten the length of the illness. There are some preliminary studies that show promise.
  • COVID19 virus is similar in structure to the original SARS virus (2003). BUT the current virus is much more difficult to battle because people can be infected and asymptomatic. This makes it a very different situation.
  • Ibuprofen okay to take to treat symptoms – there have been rumors that it shouldn’t be used.
  • Telemedicine is the increasing way of medical providers “visiting” patients online. During in person visits there are new electronic telescopes that enable the doctor to listen to lungs without touching the patient.
  • Statistics:
  • Only one case in Nevada County, where Ananda Village is located.
  • Nevada County public offices are closed as of today.
  • U.S. cases have increased from 6200 to 9400 – this is not surprising considering the increase in testing. Deaths approx 150, serious cases still about 60. Majority of cases are in New York and all serious cases are in NY. Not known why – probably a factor of timing with the testing there.
  • Italy: 35,000 cases, up from 31,000. This is a slowing down of new cases. Deaths – 3000, up from 2500 yesterday. Serious cases 2300, up from 2000.
  • France, Spain, Germany all over 10,000 cases and approx 1000 seriously ill cases.
  • S. Korea has stayed at about 8500 cases, deaths 91 – up from 84. Serious cases 0. This is due to their aggressive early measures for prevention.
  • What are “good” sources for information? CDC, White House Task Force briefings are worthwhile – skip the politicians – listen to Dr Birx and Dr Fauci; they have been very consistent and correct so far.

In divine friendship in God and Gurus,
Lorna for Ananda Portland