A summary of discussion points from today:

Special Note:

Please understand that the need for these restrictive conditions may continue for a long time, so do not plan on anything changing soon regarding social distancing and isolating at home.

Please continue to think about how your behavior could endanger others, as well as yourself.


Still recommending N95 masks to health care providers. For others the standard surgical mask is fine. Home made masks are coming to the fore and for people who are sick are better than nothing. Close fitting is important factor.


Plans are being developed for using Hydroxychloriquine and Azithromycine to treat COVID 19.

Pathology – or what actually happens in the lungs with COVID 19: Viral pneumonia, or fluid in the lungs is more widespread throughout the lungs than what happens in bacterial pneumonia, which often is in small pockets. The symptoms of shortness of breath can be more severe. Over time, the individual alveoli or sacs can collapse and scarring, or fibrosis, can happen. Early treatment can prevent some of these long term and serious consequences.

Clarifying Testing:

Two reasons that medical testing is done:

1) To determine treatment – those with symptoms get tested to determine correct treatment for their condition.

2) Surveillance testing – broader population of healthier people to determine # of cases, transmission rates and other info.

Transmission Rate and “Herd immunity”:

Probably need to have about 70% of the population infected and recovered before it naturally begins to go down because so many are immune. May take a couple years to get to a point where that is happening.

Adjustment reactions to this huge change:

Denial is a common reaction, anger, bewilderment, panic and increased anxiety. Helping others to adjust is something we can do as we digest this information and what is being asked of us. Be informative but be kind. It takes time to change habits.

We tend to “ask forgiveness instead of asking permission” and we have to exercise self-control and take responsibility for our actions, without “cheating”.


Probably mass transit and airlines will be shutting down. Some places are already doing this.

May notice in retail stores that some are changing check out and encouraging physical distancing in various ways.


To insure that our power will continue without interruption, power companies are looking at having employees live on site so if there are increasing lock downs there is staff to handle issues.

Lock Down orders:

Currently asking for everyone’s cooperation and there are not a lot of areas that have legal repurcussions yet. But Korea and Shanghai put fines in place immediately and they have had better results and high compliance. This may change – be prepared.


Still one case in Nevada County.

US: 20,000 cases The increases now are related to more testing and we are finding the cases that are already there. 279 deaths. Serious cases 64

Italy: 47,000 cases; 4,000 deaths; Serious cases 2600

South Korea: 8800 cases, 102 deaths, Serious cases 59

Germany is having a rapid increase in known cases.

Canada and Mexico borders have been closed. Citizens are still able to go home. Goods still going across the borders.

More men still statistically higher serious cases, seems to be related to more men being smokers and possibly men may be slower to access care.

Response to the virus worldwide has been very uneven, the places where the response has been very slow are having much bigger problems and it is clear that taking strong measures does help.

In divine friendship in God and Gurus,
Lorna for Ananda Portland