Spiritual Directors of Ananda Worldwide, Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi, continue to meet with Peter Van Houten, M.D. and review pertinent new information regarding the Corona Virus outbreak.

These updates will be done now on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 

We are so grateful to Dr Peter for his time and care for Ananda and the world. The information he shares is priceless and will save countless lives, if we take it into our daily lives and give deep attention to forming new habits for health and safety during this pandemic.

A summary of discussion points today:

What might things look like in 10-14 days? Right now worldwide – the number of cases is increasing by factor of 10 every 14 days. (8 cases now means 80 cases in two weeks) We probably really have about 10 times the number of cases we know about now. Good for us to be prepared for the possibility even though these are rough estimates.

What can happen with an overloaded hospital system? If all the beds and services are filled up with COVID 19 patients, then other medical needs (heart attack, broken leg, appendicitis) may not have ready access to care. Another reason to take care.


  • Nevada County: 8 cases / one new case in the region near Ananda
  • Have done 5 tests through Sierra Clinic, but do not have results yet.
  • We are seeing an increase in cases across the country, just at the beginning of the cluster cases.
  • US: cases 86,000 / up from 55,000 Deaths 1300 / up from 785, Serious 2100 / up from 1200
  • 55% of new cases in US are in NY. Most concentrated in the NY area. There are 30,000 in NY, only 3,000 in CA. California may have fewer cases, or NY is ahead of CA in the pandemic.
  • Overall, the death rate in the US has been less than Italy and we don’t know if it will go up. It has stayed down in S. Korea
  • New Orleans: Mardi Gras occurred at the beginning and now we are seeing an increase in cases there.
  • Positive tests in US: 14% (remember tests are being done on symptomatic patients)
  • Testing in U.S: over 600,000 performed and reported results
  • Italy: cases 81,000 / up from 69,000 deaths 8200 / up from 6800 serious 3600 / up from 3400, fatality rate > 10%
  • S. Korea: cases 9300 / up from 9100 Interesting new testing procedure. A plexiglass phone booth type enclosure which the patient steps into. The practioner is outside and puts their hands into permanently affixed gloves (like in a clean room) to perform the test. The patient leaves and the enclosure can be quickly cleaned for the next patient. This has saved them a lot of time and equipment so they are able to do many more tests per hour.
  • Germany: serious cases only 23, deaths 285
  • Spain: serious cases 4100
  • France: serious cases 3300

Group living and problems with contamination: In group living situations, it is a good idea to keep social distance and wear masks when close to others. It has been found that cross contamination between living groups happens when a person from one group leaves the house and has interactions with another group, it breaks down the isolation and increases the chance of contamination to multiple groups of people. This is very challenging for families with people of different ages, risk factors and circumstances.

Other news: 

  • G 20 – Twenty different world leaders met. Summer Olympics have been canceled. Borders between Mexico and US have been closed.
  • Vaccines? Many are in phase I trials. Soonest estimate is 18 months, possibly 2 years. Sometimes vaccines may show good results in animals, but they sometimes discover that a paradoxical effect happens and the result is worsening symptoms. Many steps to get to human testing.
  • Serological testing work is still underway – to get a blood test to tell us who is immune.
  • Interesting new technology using cell phones to track movement of people to see how movements affect transmission. Used in Africa effectively.
  • US as a whole is on a 15 day reduction in work – this will end on Sunday and information will be looked at to make further decisions about next step. If you haven’t watched the US task force updates – yesterday’s report is worth watching the entire thing and was very good. Everyone seems to be more oriented around the medical information.
  • Emergency services are being overloaded: Particularly in NY, yesterday there were < 6500 calls for assistance which is actually more call volume than on 9-11.
  • California – banks are suspending mortgage payments and will add those payments to the end of the loan period. Italy has also responded in this way. This enables people to shelter in place.
  • Some larger public health organizations say don’t wear masks out in public unless you are sick. This is contrary to what has proven to work and shown to be very effective – wear masks when around other people. This will help people who may be transmitting from spreading the virus and other people from getting contaminated. Also helps keep us from touching the face.
  • Michigan and Nevada have made it illegal for physicians to prescribe hydroxychloriquine! This a big mistake, for politicians to make medical decisions.

Eye Protection:

  • The most likely places to acquire a respiratory virus are nose, mouth (that is why masks are effective). Contact through touching things and then touching the face is less likely, but still a risk. Entry through the eyes is about midway between these for risk. Higher risk for people caring for the sick.
  • Eye protection can prevent droplets from entering the eyes.
  • Regular glasses can give some protection. Close fitting goggles or shields are recommended for caring for those who are infected. Eye protection used in construction are effective. Face shields are more comfortable and cover the entire face. These are widely available because they are used in dentistry all the time. These are reusable and easily cleanable.

Question: What about music at live stream services – is it okay to have a few singers who are far apart? Dr Peter answered this was probably okay, but singing involves a lot of strong breath work and the least risk is to have recorded music or music streamed in from somewhere else.

In divine friendship in God and Gurus,
Lorna for Ananda Portland