Updates on the Corona Virus Sept 14

Spiritual Directors of Ananda Worldwide, Nayaswamis Jyotish and Devi, continue to meet with Peter Van Houten, M.D. and review pertinent new information regarding the Corona Virus outbreak.

Monday Sept. 14, 2020

Sars2 Coronovirus Pandemic Informational Update with Dr. Peter, Jyotish and Devi, from Ananda Village, in Nevada County, CA Update #48

Our last broadcast was on August 17th We will meet again next Monday the 21st. Then our schedule will continue on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, if there is enough information coming out that justifies having them this often. If something urgent comes up, we can have an extra broadcast.

“A struggle is inevitable between fading Kali Yuga consciousness and the dawning impact of Dwapara Yuga. The struggle can only be temporary, however; it must be resolved in time. Let us look ahead, therefore, to that time’ not so distant’ when the issues have become clearer.”—Swami Kriyananda Religion in the New Age

*Unfortunately, the meeting “dropped” 16 minutes in and the second portion of the recording was irretrievable. The Notes pick up again after the 14 minute “blackout” of the recording.

Outline of Intended Topics for 9/14/2020 (in parenthesis – sections missed or tabled until next week)

Local, Regional, and Worldwide Statistics

(Partial) update about the weekly meetings w/Public Health Director about current issues for the past 4 weeks.

(Children’s cases in US)

Thoughts about Herd Immunity

What kind of masks do and don’t work

(Update on flu shots for this fall)

Comments about the “Long Haulers” (including new data showing testicular damage in men) • Breakthrough Study showing a Bradykinin type of “storm” as well as a “Cytokine Storm” as the causation of Covid-19

Ivermectin, Zinc, Vitamin D, Hydroxy Cholorquine as helpful treatments/preventatives.

(Comparing Covid with 1918 flu pandemic and the annual flu) Covid 19 seems to be the winner, in a bad way.

(Adjustment disorders, worsening in Behavior Health issues)

(Vaccine News – AstraSeneca** spelling)

Statistics as of Friday September 11th, in Nevada County – Population based per 100K

Nev. County – Population about 100K. NC is at 482 total cases, up from 372 two weeks ago. Rate of increase has been slowing. Western Co. has bulk of cases at #290; Eastern Co has had 192 total cases. So we’ve picked up 87 cases in the past 4 weeks.

Case Positive Rate (CPR) is 2.7 % up from 2.0. 4 weeks ago. Any increase with CPR is not good sign. NC has had a total of 5 deaths, 4 in mid August. We knew we’d see the fatality result from Memorial day holiday in mid-August. In Ananda Village’s zip code (95959) there have been 41 cases total.

Counties surrounding to Nevada County

Sierra County – 3100 population. 6 cases total. Case positive rate is 10%. No new cases in 2 wks.

Yuba County – 80,000 population – 1057 cases total. Case positive rate 9% . 7 deaths total, 3 in the last month.

*Placer Co. 400,000 population, includes the town of Auburn – at about 3300 total cases, up from 2700 4 weeks ago, 39 total deaths, up from 28 4 weeks ago. Total deaths Case positive rate is 4.5% down from 6.6%. Auburn specifically – 266 cases, up from 218, 4 weeks ago.

Looking at Population based cases – in last 2 wks, Nev. Co. 482 per 100K, Sierra Co. 193 per 100K, Yuba Co. 1300 per 100K , Placer Co. 829 per 100K.

*California – Population 40 million – 762K cases, up from 628K in last 4 weeks (up 130K in 4 weeks). Total Deaths are at 14,500. Case positivity rate in CA is 6.0%, down from 6.4% Goal is to get below 6%, and keep that # dropping, not increasing. Case fatality rate is stable at 1.9 % . 1928 cases per 100K population. (about 2% of population has had Covid – 19.

USA as whole – 330,000,000 pop. Cases at 6.7million, up from 5.5million 4 weeks ago. The daily case gain has dropped from about 65K to 70K to about 30-45K new cases per day.

Recording stopped at 16:27 Recording restarted about 14 minutes later. Dr. Peter did not know the broadcast had stopped. The recording is lost for the second half, so these notes will need to suffice. They are not as detailed as they would be if we’d known we’d lose the recording. Apologies.

Four Weeks of Weekly Meetings Between the County Primary Care Physicians and the Nevada County Public Health Director

Very concerning is chronic disability resulting from having had Covid-19. If we’re talking about millions of people having heart damage, those who have become respiratory “cripples,” it will really impact people being able to work, and will have need of public disability. This equals long term fiscal and health affects, not just fatalities.

Yuba Docs in Nevada County are doing rapid tests, by appt. If you receive a positive test, you don’t need a follow up test for at least 3 months. It’s likely to come back still positive or at least show that you are still in possession of virus particles. People continue to shed small amounts of virus at 4 weeks, but they are significantly less contagious after 2 weeks. Many workplace polices now accept that people can return to work at day 10 if they are fever/symptom free for 3 days before that.

SFMC – will have a rapid test with results in 30 minutes, within a month. Poor air quality is keeping people inside. May have positive effects regarding exposure to the virus.

Grass Valley’s Local Hospital has Remdesivir and Convalescent Plasma to use for Covid-19 patients.

County & Ananda Village Schools have a plan for opening to in classroom attendance. Before coming to school each day, parents check the children for any symptoms. A main symptom in children is loss of smell and taste. If a child becomes unwell, the school should isolate them immediately and have a parent pick them up asap.

Proximity Exposure: If someone is masked or unmasked and are closer than 6′ apart for 15 minutes or longer, they are considered in close contact. If one becomes ill, the other should have contact tracing done. (and isolate themselves).

Herd Immunity – is helped by including the role in immunity of T-cells in a population as well as temporary virus antibody immunity. Other helpful factors in helping with herd immunity are all of the precautions we take to prevent being exposed to the virus such as the wearing of Masks, Physical Distancing, not touching surfaces, washing hands, disinfecting. This all works together to shrink the transmission rate.

Masks – which work, and which don’t – example of workers in cold meat and seafood processing plants all wearing masks. Many workers did test positive for Covid 19, but most had asymptomatic cases or symptoms so mild that they weren’t affected much at all. Could asymptomatic mild cases be result of a lesser viral load they were exposed to because of wearing masks?

N95 Mask does the best job in breaking transmission chain. 3 layer surgical or cloth masks were second best, and still a good choice. Wearing bandana – “bandit style” was okay, but not as good as others.

Gaiters (for many a convenient choice) out of stretchy material were almost worse than not wearing a mask. (from Lisa – There are articles out now that claim because the stretchy fabric has larger openings than cotton and surgical mask material, so not only does it not stop particles from entering the gaiter from outside, they have been reported to sieve the outgoing breath and all it contains into smaller particles, which could more likely allow virus particles to enter protective materials worn by others.)

Transmission from Children.

Behavioral Health Impacts of Covid-19 are being exacerbated.

Bradykinin – In the beginning we saw that the main problem wasn’t initial infection, but was the inflammatory “storm” that resulted by the immune system in the body in response to the virus. This is called a Cytokine storm.

Bradykinin is another type of “storm.” Peter described, “if I were to inject some Bradykinin into your arm it would turn red, become inflamed, be very painful, become hot, (and more disagreeable symptoms) There were studies with the material washed out of bronchial tubes that looked at the genetic material from the bronchial cells. This took 7 days of super computer time. They saw how the cells become deranged in Covid-19. An aberration how the material in the cells ought to be functioning. Bradykinin is an irritating substance within the cell. So along with the Cytokine storm, we can also get a Bradykinin storm. The release of Bradykinin causes leakage of fluid into the lungs, and the fluid changes into a gel like substance. This may contribute to shortness of breath. If you had Bradykinin injected it into the blood stream, you would develop heart failure, arrhythmia, and the blood vessels would become leaky, especially in the lungs. This causes clotting – hyper coagulation, the blood pressure falls and you can’t stand up without passing out. You would develop pulmonary edema, ischemia (not enough blood flow) in the brain, dizziness, cognitive decline and inflammation of the brain. It also causes muscle aches, and then the body would release cytokines causing the immune system to go out of control causing out of control inflammation. So you have Cytokine and Bradykinin storm.

Vitamin D is effective and helpful in treatment. Master knew the importance of Vitamin D and told us to get 15 to 20 minutes of sun exposure per day. (if the air is alright.) Taking a Vitamin D supplement is a good idea, especially for those older. You can have your vitamin D levels checked through a blood test. A Good Vitamin D blood level is 50 – 75, but not over 100.

Bradykinin drives Vitamin D lower.

Ivermectin is still effective treatment. It’s available and cheap. Being used as an anti-parasitic, it also shows anti-viral effects. It blocks transport of virus to and through the cytoplasm and from getting into the nucleus. You can treat someone early or late in virus, as opposed to Hydroxy Cholorquine which is only effective in the very early days of exposure and initial symptoms.

Zinc – if Zinc level is high in your cells, it blocks Bradykinin. No harm in taking 50 – 100mg per day as a preventative.

Comments from Jyotish and Devi – we do now know some people in India, and Brazil who have been infected with Covid-19. We also learned that getting (numbers of deaths, or) causes of deaths, is not something that Indians are used to tracking. So getting those numbers has been difficult.

Question: Is zinc better taken by tablet or lozenge? Answer: Peter didn’t think it mattered, but be careful with lozenges that are sweetened or contain Vitamin C, they can harm your teeth over time.

Question: If someone is taking an antiviral daily, for a health issue, such as Acylovir, does this lend some protection against Covid-19? Answer: I don’t know the answer to that, but it’s a good question. It does bring up the question of taking low doses of anti-virals that are known to help with Covid-19, as a preventative.

Ended at 9:10am. PH/lp

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